Our Story

We LOVE fashion. Having spent decades working
in the industry, we excelled in our careers, constantly
churning out trendy items, convincing customers that
they needed to buy them, and generating profits for
big corporations.
We were at the peak of mass consumerism, and no
one talked about what we were really doing- training
people to treat their clothing as garbage.
We encouraged customers to turn their disposable
income into disposable wardrobes. And then one
day, we woke up and learned how the fashion
industry was impacting our environment.
We realized that our personal successes were really
a failure on behalf of humanity.

As global consumers, our culture has become
focused on excess and overconsumption. Did you
know that people buy 60% more clothing than they
did 15 years ago, but wear those items 50% less
than they used to? One garbage truck of clothing is
taken to a landfill EVERY SECOND. The fashion
industry is responsible for almost 10% of global
carbon emissions.
We never stopped loving fashion, but we had to find
a better way to do it. We had to come up with a
“fixx” for the problem.

The Fixx Collective is our solution for the ultimate
sustainable wardrobe.

A #climatefixx for your #fashionfixx

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We are a community that believes in a sustainble
and conscious way of life.

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