We share our planet.

We share our values.

We share a wardrobe.



But what does it mean?  

Everyone has heard of recycling.  Many people even know about upcycling.  But SHARECYCLE

is our latest concept for creating less waste.

SHARECYCLE™ is how we apply the sharing economy to our wardrobes.  Why do we feel the need to BUY as much as we do?  So much of our clothing feels frivolous as we buy it to wear only a few times before getting tired of it.  As a country, we buy 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago but only wear it half as long.  And this is creating a huge problem of waste, all the way down the supply chain from manufacturing to landfills.  

The idea behind SHARECYCLE™ is simple.  Extend the life of garments by giving someone else a chance to wear them.  When we let go of the need to purchase and adopt the habit of renting, more women can enjoy one garment.  We can experiment with style and play with trends, without the guilt of overconsumption and buyer’s remorse.   If we could extend the life of a garment by 9 months, we could cut down on its carbon footprint by 20 or 30%.  

Utilizing our rental service allows us to SHARECYCLE™ within our community.  It’s like sharing a wardrobe with a group of likeminded girlfriends.  

Also, if you’re like most women and have great pieces in your closet that you just don’t wear anymore but are still in great shape, SHARECYCLE™ it to us.  We will add it to our inventory and help continue finding clients who will value it in a new light.  

Small, simple changes can make a huge difference.  SHARECYCLE


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