September Give Back Campaign

Communities are suffering from devastating wildfires and hurricanes.  These natural disasters are heightened by climate change, and as a conscious company, we want to help.


For the rest of September, we will donate 10% of all purchases to a non-profit that helps victims of California wildfires or victims of Hurricane Laura.  

California Fire Foundation supports firefighters, their families, and victims of wildfires. Cajun Navy Relief brings immediate local aid to the Louisiana communities impacted by Hurricane Laura.  Customers choose which cause to support.  And if you so wish, first time shoppers can also forego their usual first purchase discount of 15% and add it to their donation to maximize it at 25%.


We stand for fashion.  We stand for the environment.  And we stand for community.  


Our products are items that you can feel good about supporting because these brands share the same values as we do.  Your purchases are not only supporting conscious brands, but also going to help those in need.  Take a look at our offerings here.

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